What is Tukka?

Have you ever travelled Down Under mate? Where the men are all called Bruce, the women are Sheila’s and the wombats roam free? Well it’s a pretty long walkabout from the Cayman Islands, so do yourself a favor and head out to Tukka in East End instead.

In a nut shell Tukka means Food in Australia. The Aboriginal people of Austrialia would refer to their Tukka s Native Food from the land and sea.

Tukka restaurant is owned by Chef Ron Hargrave, a genuine Aussie who will set you straight on his native cuisine in a jiffy. The menu features many mouthwatering items – ingredients from the land of Oz with a Caribbean twist. You can stay on the straight and narrow with items like fresh local fish, Certified Angus Beef, and jerk chicken, or take a walk on the wild side with some conch and crocodile fritters and twin kangaroo filet mignon. They’re sure to put a bounce in your stride.

Tukka also has a number of specials events each week, such as the famous Tukka Brunch on Sundays. Sit on the verandah overlooking the waves while you tuck into a hot and cold buffet of awesome dishes, some of them straight off the Barbie. If you fancy some bubbly, choose the bottomless bubbles option to complement your brunch. You’ll be as content as a koala up a gum tree by the time you’re done.

On Walkabout Wednesdays you get a fantastic four-course meal with a complimentary glass of house wine or beer, all for one low price.

Frankly we think Chef Ron’s gone a little kookaburra to offer such an amazing deal, so book a reservation before he comes to his senses. This is a great chance to sample everything from barramundi to orange Roughy whilst enjoying the relaxed atmosphere.

Fresh Fish Friday captures the real essence of East End and its people. Every Friday the local fisherman drop off their catches for the Tukka Chef’s to filet, prepare and cook right in front of your eyes. It’s the only way to try a variety of Cayman’s freshest fish like Wahoo, Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Snapper & our unwanted but very tasty Lion-Fish. These feisty little critters that threaten the marine ecosystem often make it to the plate, so when you order lionfish you’re getting a tasty dish and you’re helping the environment.

Lobsters Alive! That’s no word of a lie, mate. Come and pick your Caribbean spiny from the tank, and have it served up so fresh, it still looks surprised. Only available during Cayman’s Lobster season from December 1st until the end of February.

Tukka is open every day, so there’s no excuse for not swinging by. Come and watch the tarpon and frigate bird feeding daily at 5 p.m., and indulge in some great food. You can bend the elbow at the bar, or take a seat outdoors where the breezes blow.

One visit to Tukka and you’ll always boomerang back to the place where they greet you with “G’day!”