Feed the Frigate Birds!

Tukka lies right on the Ocean to the East side of Grand Cayman and over the few years has become a home and a meal stop for the Caribbean's largest wing-spanned birds called Frigate Birds. They are also sometimes called man of war birds or pirate birds.

In 1738, the English naturalist Eleazar Albin linked the Magnificent Frigate bird's common name to the frigate, a sleek ship often used for piracy. Soaring over coastal waters, this relative of pelicans and cormorants has a reputation for stealing food from other seabirds. The Magnificent Frigate bird's long, swallow-like tail enables it to make sharp turns, and its long, broad wings lift the bird with little effort. The Magnificent Frigate bird is most at home in the air. Its short legs cannot walk, and its feathers absorb water, so it rarely rests on the ocean.

At Tukka we are very grateful to be able to share this unique Eco friendly experience with our guests each day. Get to Tukka any day around 5.30pm and you can witness and even feed yourself these swooping, ducking and diving magnificent birds. Don't forget your camera!